SIO Kerala

sio kerala

Students Islamic Organisation Kerala is a regional Islamic student movement working in the southern state of India, Kerala, under the leadership of SIO India. The ideological group has been working for social justice and development of the students’ fraternity since 1982. It is SIO’s endeavor to prepare students and youth for the reconstruction of the society in the light of divine guidance.

The organization strives for promoting values in the educational system and better academic and moral atmosphere in educational institutions. SIO focuses its efforts to nurture the talents of students in such a way as to benefit the society. Vidhyarthi Bhavanam in Kozhikode district is the regional headquarters with its local outfits spread across the state.


Mappila Haal


Mappila Haal is a virtual storytelling mobile application on the historic events of 1921 Malabar rebellion. It revisits the century old rebellion through illustrations, short documentaries and podcasts. The app will be the first comprehensive digital work on the rebellion with open access to the public. The content is available in Malayalam and English.